Alba by Celso de Lemos


  • 101 Naturel
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100% Mongolian Cashmere.

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Machine Washing: Sort your household linen by bre (cotton, linen, silk, wool), colour (whites, light colours) and type of item (sheets, towels, tablecloths). Do not include garments with components that could damage fabrics (zippers, hooks, metal parts). Make sure the items are unfolded when loading the machine. Begin preferably with a pre-soak in cold water and a little detergent. Bed linens - wash in warm water maximum 60oC with mild, liquid biodegradable detergent. Delicate fabrics - cold water 85 F/30oC, cold nal rinse, pre-soaking. Use maximum temperatures only on the hardest-to-clean articles: Whites 120/140 F - 50/60oC. Colours 85/105 F - 30/40oC. Delicate items with lace and embroidery should be enclosed in a large, thin mesh bag. Use a mild liquid biodegradable detergent without added bleach or whiteners. Avoid powdered detergent or detergents containing akalis and make sure the detergent is fully dissolved before the water touches the fabric.When machine drying, never use high temperatures. Do not place coloured articles in direct sunlight. Do not dry longer than necessary. Use a steam iron on a warm/hot setting for cotton. Use a hot setting for linen and a water spritzer if needed. For embroidered linens, iron them on the reverse side while damp for best results. Luxury bres, such as silk, wool and cashmere, are best professionally cleaned to avoid excessive shrinkage. Store linens folded at in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Linens stored long-term should avoid being stored in plastic bags and boxes as natural bres need to breathe. Make sure stored linens are not exposed to direct sunlight which can cause permanent yellowing.

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101 Naturel
101 Naturel
710 Noix
710 Noix

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