The Fine Linens Guide to Monogramming & Personalization

Embroidered monograms are a hallmark of good taste and personal style that date back hundreds of years. There are countless different options, from diamond brackets to swirly script. Choose a monogram that reflects your personality and the mood you’re trying to create in the room (formal, casual, classic, contemporary, whimsical, understated, etc.).

Feminine Monograms

When monogramming for women, the initial that stands for the last name often appears in the middle. In many styles of monogramming, it’s larger than the other two letters. Zelda M. Sayre’s monogram, therefore, is ZSM.

Masculine Monograms

Monograms for men frequently appear in sequential block letters. F. Scott Fitzferald's bath towels would likely be monogrammed FSF

Monograms for Couples

  • Now let’s imagine Zelda marries F. Scott and opts to take his name. Her new monogram would be:


  • Many contemporary couples choose to use a married monogram that incorporates their last name and both people’s first initial. In that case, the pillow shams in the master bedroom would read:


  • If Zelda opts to keep her maiden name, the sheets and towels could feature two initials to honor both surnames:

    F + S .

  • Monograms for same-sex couples is the same as for heterosexual couples with two last names. If F. Scott Fitzgerald marries Ernest Miller Hemingway, they may choose a two-initial monogram like this one:

    F | H.

  • For a less formal option, Zelda might create a two-initial monogram using both first initials:


Monogramming Placement

The question of where to place a monogram really depends on how you prefer to make your bed, fold napkins, hang towels and so on. To visualize what your monogrammed linens will look like, please consult the examples below:

Pillow Shams
  • Top center Top center
  • Center Center
Duvet Covers
  • Dead Center Dead Center
  • Side Side
  • Top Top
Bath Towels
  • Standard Placement Standard Placement
Bath Mats
  • Side Side
  • Dead Center Dead Center
  • Lower Left Corner Lower Left Corner
  • Catty Corner Catty Corner
  • Upper Left Corner Upper Left Corner
  • Upper Center Upper Center
  • Centered Left - Short Side Centered Left - Short Side
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