Chaine Embroidery Coasters by Timothy Corrigan for DEA


  • 01/10 White/Khaki
  • 01/15 White/Ivory
  • 01/61 White/Gold

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The Chaine Collection by Timothy Corrigan for Dea comes in jacquard and embroidery offerings.
With the Chaine collection by Timothy Corrigan for Dea, the ancient art of embroidery takes on a particularly modern appeal through a distinctive design that frames and emphasizes the absolute beauty of the fabrics.

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Available colors

Choose from a range of available colors that perfectly expresses your style. Creating a new design or refreshing your current look? We're happy to help. Just request a Free Swatch.

01/10 White/Khaki
01/10 White/Khaki
01/15 White/Ivory
01/15 White/Ivory
01/61 White/Gold
01/61 White/Gold

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