Asher Solid Sateen by Home Treasures

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For the minimalist, Asher is a clean and tailored collection that allows you to combine any two Royal Sateen RC, this Egyptian cotton collection is simple yet sumptuous. It is finished with an embroidered edge, which is also up to your customers' choice. The photo shows Gaia Marine with Gaia Ash and a White embroidered edge.
Royal Sateen RC (roy1): A 300 thread count, Egyptian cotton, Italian sateen.
Solid Sateen.
Origin: Made in USA of Italian fabric.

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Machine wash on a gentle cycle using cold or warm water to avoid shrinkage and excessive wrinkling. Use a mild detergent; never use fabric softeners, bleach or bleach alternatives, as these will destroy the quality of the natural fibers, reducing the longevity of your linens. Tumble dry your linens on a warm heat setting. Never dry on high heat as it will weaken the fibers and cause excessive shrinkage. Use a steam iron on warm/hot setting; please check to make sure your steam iron is clean before using.

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