Santa Fe Outdoor Area Rug by William Yeoward


  • Jade

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From $1,195.00

Designed to be used outdoors, this rug has been so cleverly woven that it looks and feels just like a woollen flat weave. It is absolutely perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. A perfectly balanced William Yeoward stripe design in vibrant shades of indigo, jade and peacock that has to be seen to be believed! Available in 3 sizes.
Origin: Made in India.
100% PET

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To best care for your rug, we recommend that you lightly vacuum it on a regular basis using the nozzle attachment. Avoid using brush attachments as these can harm the rug fibres and remember to always vacuum in the direction of the pile. It is normal for a new rug to ‘shed’ some fibre at the beginning and you may therefore find that you have to vacuum a little more frequently. This will diminish relatively quickly. As far as possible please ensure that you avoid placing the rug in direct sunlight for sustained periods of time as this can lead to colour fading. If you are concerned about the rug slipping, we recommend that you use a rug hold underlay. We always recommend treating your rug with our bespoke extra rug protection and cleaning by a specialist rug cleaner. However, if a spillage occurs, blot immediately with a clean dry white cloth, making sure not to rub the spillage into the pile. Do not use harsh detergent. It is important not to walk or place items on the rug until it is completely dry to prevent lasting damage.

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